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$1200 Small Businesses Vic Govt Rebate to help Modernise your Website

Vic Govt is offering a $1200 rebate for small businesses to modernise their websites.

If you are eligible, the Small Business Digital Adaptation Program gives access to a range of digital business tools to help modernise business operations.

These business tools could include:

  • increase website security
  • update content and images
  • revamp website or e-commerce system

The third round of the program will offer a further $5 million. This new funding will help an estimated 5,000 businesses to access a range of digital business tools.

The program will open on 28 March 2022.

Call Mike on 0419 810 727 to get the ball rolling.

Protect your Website or Ecommerce store with a Brave website health check-up. This means that we will perform an in-depth site audit on your website’s performance to gauge how it performs in these key areas:

  • Site Security – Check to see if your website is secure from outside threats. Hackers are known to go after outdated¬† software and we assess your site’s security to ensure known security risks are addressed and protected against.
  • WordPress Settings – Sometimes, something as simple as a WordPress setting can put your site at risk. We check these to ensure your site’s settings aren’t leaving your site vulnerable to outside risks.
  • WordPress Plugins & Theme – Outdated plugins and themes can leave your site vulnerable to security risks and potentially break your website. We check to ensure all plugins and themes are updated and compatible so that your site stays in good working condition. WooCommerce runs on a plugin so it is especially critical that this plugin be kept updated and checked to ensure it continues to work with your theme.
  • Content Backup – Nothing hurts worse than losing a website due to data loss or unexpected security breaches. We ensure your website is regularly backed up in case of such incidents.
  • Site Speed – Conflicts with plugins and themes can cause your site to function slowly and cause your visitors to click away.
  • Crawling Issues – We check to see if there are any issues on your website that are preventing Google and other search engines from crawling your site. This can dramatically affect your site’s Google rankings as well.
  • Site Integrations – We ensure all external integrations such as Google and any other API service are configured correctly. Incorrect configurations can leave your site at risk.

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