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eCommerce Glossary


Coupon Code
A special code used at checkout to apply a discount.

The process of completing and delivering a customer order.

Stock Keeping Unit (SKU)
A unique identifier given to individual products. (Product code / part number / manufacturing descriptor)

The process of creating an account with an online retailer.

Average order value
Metric showing the average amount spent per customer order.

Merchant Account
An account a retailer holds with an institution e.g a bank or order.

Return Policy
A statement that explains when and how a customer may send product back.

Privacy Policy
A statement that explains what personal data a retailer collects and how they use it. If collecting data from analytics this must specify the type of data e.g. cookie, remarketing.

Drop Ship
A method of fulfilling order where items are shipped directly from the supplier.

A complete list of a seller’s current stock.

The process of completing a transaction.

Shopping Cart
Site functionality that allows visitors to select multiple products for eventual purchase.

Product Feed
A file that contains a current list of product inventory and product details.

Ecommerce Platform
A program or application that lets businesses sell online.

A fee that must be collected as part of an order, per local laws and policies.

The displaying of products to entice a customer.

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