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Magento Web Store Case Study

Brave Web Stores / Magento Web Store Case Study
Project start.

Playtime Autoparts.

BRAVE was engaged to help market their huge range of exhaust & 4x4 products.

Brands include Redback, Pacemaker, X Force, Ironman 4×4, Safari snorkels, Lightforce, GME and their own Australian made Mandrel Bent Exhaust systems.


They have been working in exhaust for over 20 years.

Over the last 18 months, the business has grown from being predominantly retail into eBay or online sales. Due to the fees involved with selling on eBay they wanted to eliminate some of those fees and be able to draw people directly to their website rather than through a third party.

The steps.
First step
Brainstorming &

“We approached Brave, and we wanted to brand our business, so we’d come from an exhaust background. We had the business of Playtime Auto Parts, and we needed Brave’s help to assist in rebranding the business.”

Second step

Playtime Auto Parts needed a web store to be able to start advertising their products away from the eBay platform. So we started building a shopping cart, which is hooked into PayPal and an eCommerce gateway.

Third step
Delivery &

Playtime now have complete control over what they put in their online store. They can upload images, add product and also change the titles. They can even control the way that Google sees it.

Fourth step

Brave created a document, which explains how to add the content into their site and what was important. Brave just picked out the important elements to say, “Hey, you need to put in some information here because Google is going to be looking for that.” that information is important for your customers because when they’re looking for your product, that’s the sort of information that they’re going to targeting, and this is where Google is going to be looking for it. 


“If you are a business looking to open an online shopping cart store, I’d highly recommend the team at Brave to be able to assist you with it. They’re very easy to talk to and approachable. They can explain all the technical terms to you, make it very easy to understand, or if you don’t want to know anything about that, they will look after that for you.”

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