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How To Get Social Media Traffic To Your Online Store

There are so many avenues for advertising on the internet! It can be hard to know which one to use, and which is best to give a high conversion rate!

It can be really daunting as a small business to understand what platform to advertise on, how much to spend, and how to best convey your message to potential customers. With these few tips, you’ll be able to get the most out of your Facebook and Instagram advertisements without it costing a copious amount.

1. The use of Facebook Advertisements and Instagram Advertisements

Facebook has reported from a variety of third-parties, that of over 60 campaigns on Facebook, they found that 70% achieved a return of x3 or better on ad spend. Of those, 49% achieved a return of x5 or better (Funk 2012, p. 99)

Client ads created by BRAVE resulted in 93.7% paid page views, versus only 6.3% of page views that came from organic page views. These staggering results reveal the x10 return that can be gained from strategically constructing a Facebook advertisement.social media traffic, e-commerce website, online store, facebook advertisements

Targeting these several criteria will ensure you correctly connect with your custom audience, to ensure these transform into paying customers.

  • Advertising the point of difference of your product, and why your customer will benefit from it.
  • Creating an emotional connection to your customer will not only aid the voice of your brand, but will ensure that you can be relatable and understanding.
  • Prove to your customer that you’re more than a mysterious, unidentifiable being behind a computer screen – relate to them and they’ll be able to relate to you!
  • As for creating your ad, ensuring you have a call to action will enable customers to click on. Link back to your e-commerce website, or to a blog post (which may have details of your product) on your site. Either link will bring traffic to your website and hopefully – attract a sale!

2. Offering Exclusive Deals, Promotions and Codes for Social Media Followers

So what’s the competitive edge to selling online? Not only are you marketing to a whole new audience, but you’re missing out on a large proportion of potential customers! Initially, it may be hard to draw in followers/likes and interactions between customers and your brand when you first make your social media pages. But offering promotions, exclusive deals or codes to customers who engage with your brand will not only increase brand awareness, but give them more reason to initiate a purchase from you.

  • Followers must share an image of the promotion to gain access to the promotion. This will create an interaction between the customer, Social Media page and the physical store. You can use the format ‘Like, comment & share’ to have access the the promotion.
  • Besides creating an Instagram offer, a special code can be created and shared on social media. This can be exclusive to the first 20 customers (for example), or have an expiry date. 
  • You can create an ‘offer’ on Facebook. Here you can provide an exclusive discount to your customers! If you don’t see the ‘Offer’ button on your page – you can add it in your settings!

3. Showcase Why Your Products Are Unique and Beneficial For Your Customer

When creating social media posts, it’s important to create relevant and engaging content. In reality, those who follow you are scrolling through their feed, and will only spend about 3 seconds per post before scrolling on. So it’s important to make those 3 seconds really count. Or even better – to engage them for longer!

  • social media traffic, e-commerce website, online store, facebook advertisementsNo one likes a sales pitch, especially when every single post from you is about selling your product! Your likes and followers will decrease in a heartbeat! Ideally, you should be posting 20% showcasing your product, and the other 80% engaging content your customers and followers will enjoy! For example – links to interesting articles in your line of work, jokes, or motivational quotes. 
  • Focusing on quality content will engage the customer for longer. Like I said before, creating an emotive response will captivate your audience. 
  • Gaining the trust from your followers will ultimately let your brand shine above the rest of your competitors. Translating those good vibes into sales!

Commencing these tips and tricks into your marketing techniques will aid in more sales, followers and likes on Instagram and Facebook Page!

But if you’re still struggling with ineffective advertisements, BRAVE is here to help! Shoot us an email – WE NOW PROVIDE SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING SERVICES!

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