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We build web stores that sell. A website out of the box is not enough to make a difference. It needs creativity plus experience and must stand out from the rest. What's your edge?
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Advertising campaigns created to promote
your brand and drive traffic.

Web Store Traffic

Who is your target audience and what is their search intent?

Brave has been tracking traffic on client web stores for years. Insights to the content in your website is a key to unlock more potential in your business.
Recently, Brave identified a clear correlation between paid & organic listings for a client who was trying to determine the true value of their online spend.

Web store conversion

Did you know that according to a Nielsen study, 50% of purchase-related conversions happened within an hour of the mobile searches that initiated them.

The path to conversion on mobile is not the same as on desktop or tablet due to functionality, context and differing screen sizes. Brave customises this experience in order for you to convert your visitors into sales.

Online customer retention

A checkbox at checkout asking permission to subscribe is a great way to build a mail list.

A checkbox can be added to the checkout step e.g. subscribe to newsletter.
You can download the customers as a file for database marketing or it can be integrated with a CRM such as Mailchimp.

Brave can help you increase the value of each customer and show you how to get them to visit again.

Reputation Management

Asking customers to do online reviews is important for your business.

It’s obvious in terms of generating credibility for your brand, but here are 2 more reasons;

  • improves your social media profile
  • increases click-through rate by up to 5-10% on Google search and ads

Google reviews are an easy way to encourage your customers to make an online comment, and they will be shown in your Google My Business listing.

Brave can show you how to reach out to your existing customers.

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