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How to get started with Sunbury Click & Collect.

61% of shoppers who bought items online and picked up in-store made an additional purchase.

In the 2018 B.E.A.R. report, Sunbury retail business owners asked the following question :

In order to improve the shopping experience in Sunbury as a whole, what are some of the techniques a retail shop could use to improve their individual in-store experience and online presence?

The Sunbury Click & Collect shopping site has been created for a better local shopping initiative that aims to provide a low cost marketplace to help local retailers to combat the likes of Amazon.
To encourage customers to #ShopSunbury #BuyLocal

This is a unique opportunity for local Sunbury retail businesses to be a part of a better shopping initiative.

No lock in contract.

An easy way to grow.

Benefits for Sunbury Customers

  • Choose from a range of products.
  • Save time on parking during busy times.
  • Enhance their shopping experience.
  • Click and collect saves on shipping and solves delivery issues.
  • Customers feel more comfortable about returns.

Benefits for Sunbury retailers

  • Low cost eCommerce
  • Spread the costs of marketing.
  • Consistent messages.
  • Harness the power of consolidated ad spend.
  • Increases opportunity for impulsive purchases.
  • Keeps local business in the game, combat Amazon.
  • Brings more shoppers in-store.
  • Enhance the customer experience.

More information for retailers can be read in the Frequently Asked Questions PDF.

Contact BRAVE 1300 262 434 to book a consultation & find out how it will help your business.

*Introductory offer is valid for the first 3 months on any new sign-up.

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